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Have You Read This Yet?

Oh. My. GOD!

This book is AWESOME! If you haven't read Wishin' On the Moon by Ashley Brooke Robbins, I highly recommend that you read it!

The way that she captivates her reader and transports them to a fantasizing and exiting place is addicting. I literally couldn't put it down!

I mean, just look at the cover:

Isn't that gorgeous! Whoa...

And that's not all! Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek into what lies ahead of you for Wishin' On the Moon:

"“Getting ready to watch a meteor shower,” Dad replies in his normal voice, not having to yell to be heard. “Care to join us? You can make out without too much judgment. We’ll just make nauseatingly cute noises.”

I lace my fingers through Caleb’s. “Want to?”He kisses my nose, which makes me scrunch it up.

“I would love to.”

After I change into my regular jeans, T-shirt, and Converse in the upstairs bathroom, I feel a lot better, a lot more like myself. I’m putting my clothes into my room when strong arms wrap around me from behind. I know who it is from the homey feeling associated with his touch.

“First the creeper, and now you’ve transitioned into a stalker.” I flip off my light switch.

“There’s my naturally beautiful girlfriend.” He happily picks me up.“Ha-ha.” No one’s ever called me that before.

“We better get out there before it starts.”He sets me down and takes my hand, letting me lead the way.“This is a family tradition. My dad has this rather nerdy thing about astronomy,” I explain as we climb up to the attic where we have access to the flat part of the roof.

“Cool.” Caleb shrugs. “Ladies first.”

It’s not long before we’re lying side by side, staring at the black and dark-blue sky. I’ve always found stargazing peaceful, bordering on boring, but this time, it’s different. I sense Caleb’s robust presence beside me, feel every time he takes a breath or even moves a little. I’ve never been this hyper-aware of someone.The moon seemingly brightens, casting a white glow over us, which grabs my attention. As I take in its silent beauty, something occurs to me.

True beauty doesn’t demand attention. It’s in those rare moments, when the crickets sing, that it shows itself; you merely have to be patient. Sometimes it goes deeper than outward appearances. Sometimes you have to take more than a glance to identify it.

Caleb laces his fingers through mine, and I squeeze his hand, almost afraid he’ll disappear because he’s my definition of perfect. Gazing at him, I see his true beauty. It’s not about how high his cheekbones are, or how nice his lips are. It’s about the light twinkling in his eyes. About the magnificent soul residing inside his body.

“Remember when you said something about wishin’ on the moon?” "

Seriously, I'm swooning.

Want to read more?!

Wishin' on the Moon is available here:




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