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This Is What Happens When I Run...

It's currently 97 degrees in Hartford, CT.

No, I did not run in this ridiculous heat (probably because I would have died if I even tried).

I went running earlier this morning, around 6:00am, before the heat picked up and it was still somewhat cool. I love to run with my Black Lab and German Shepherd. Angus, my Black Lab, was still sleeping with my boyfriend, but Ruby, my German Shepherd was all for an early 6:00am run.

Well, at least I thought she was.

Halfway through our usual 5k jog, she chooses to stop at every (yes, you did read that right) EVERY block!

Each time she'd stop she'd just stand there, maybe sniff the ground every now and then, try to chase a squirrel, fail miserably and settle for barking at the little rascals.

My morning jog, of me running my dog, turned into my dog taking me out for a walk. What?! How did that happen?

Oh, but wait... It get's better.

This is her AFTER our "run." Apparently she was exhausted from not running, and in order to prevent me from running in the future, she's decided to mark her territory right on top of my running shoes....

Because apparently my running shoes are comfy.

#running #germanshepherd #dogs #hartford #connecticut #runningshoes #blacklab

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