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Book 2 of the Tainted Series is in the works!

That's right! Book 2 of the Tainted Series is underway. It is halfway completed and will soon enter the editing process. Be on the lookout for the title. It's coming.

More exciting news regarding the Tainted series is soon to follow...!


Exciting News! Tainted is Published 

It's here and available for purchase TODAY! So happy to share that Inkspell Publishing has published the first book of Faye's adventures!

Here's a photo of me signing my contract in the middle of a Staples in Southington, CT!

Yes, you did in fact read that right. I did sign my publishing contract in the middle of a Staples in Southington, CT. 

It's a funny story, actually. I had just moved down to CT to start my dietetics residency for the University of Saint Joseph, and I had practically NO furniture moved into my apartment. That also meant, I had no printer. I know, crazy right? An author without a printer is like a musician without his music! It just doesn't happen.

Anyway! So, during this time, I was talking with Inkspell trying to figure out the details of my contract when I realized I had to print the contract out, sign it and then send it to them. 

Uh oh...

No printer meant no deal!

That's when a light bulb flickered on in my head and I headed out to Staples. (Thank god for their printing section. I'd be lost without that!)

And there I am! Signing my contract and starting the incredible adventure to becoming a published author and sharing Faye's incredibly exciting and suspenseful journey with the rest of the world. 

To all my readers, thank you SO much for all of the awesome feedback you have provided me throughout the early stages of my book. I hope you will be as excited as I am to find out that Moonlight is scheduled to be published in March of 2017!!!!!

Man, is that exciting or what?! Thank you all for reading and following up on this and previous sites! This will be my own personal site for all things Moonlight-related from here on out! Thanks again for keeping the feedback coming - watch for updates! And don't forget to buy the book in March!

Love you all!

H. C. Harris <3 :)


Super Awesome Author of a Super Awesome Book... And! It's on sale!

Heather M. Gardner is one incredible writer and she has created such an amazing, thrilling, and refreshingly original story entitled, Already Home. From the first sentence, I promise you'll be captivated.

(Doesn't that cover look incredible?!?!)

You can get it 

 available on Amazon!

Plus! Don't forget to follow this lovely lady on her awesome blog, 

And on Twitter @hmgardner

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