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            Nothing. I felt nothing.

            For thousands of years I have walked this Earth. Lurking in shadows, killing in the Darkness. And for thousands of years, I have laid hidden, my power enclosed, kept secret from the world of the Light, and from the Darkness. My strength, my power, he had me keep it hidden, until the perfect time. Until they least expected it. 

            Until he needed me.

            “Your time has come, my dear,” My King summoned me. “Come closer, I cannot see you.”

            I stepped into the light the moon cast across the marble floor. His breathing was heavy, labored. His wound from where Gabriel had stabbed him, was taking a toll on him. My dark eyes scanned my King, his red gaze found mine in the Darkness, and I immediately dropped to my knees.

            “My dear,” The King’s voice was strained as he tried to lift himself up from the marble throne he was sitting on. “I have made a grave mistake.”

            I lifted my bent head, looking up at him and meeting his gaze full on.

            “Stand,” He commanded.

            Immediately, I rose to my feet.

            “She is powerful. More powerful than you can possibly be aware of, and more powerful than she even knows,” His voice filled the dark room.

            “Surely, her power cannot compare to yours.” My voice was firm, strong.

            The King let out a hissing laugh, a laugh that would make children cower in fear. For me, it made me smile.

            But still, I felt nothing.

            “Of course not.” The King rose, standing tall. “But I have made a mistake, you see.” His voice trailed off as he walked past me to the far corner of the room and retrieved a stone box.

            “Bring me that key over there.” He gestured to the entryway.

            Instantly, I turned towards the door and grabbed the sparkling silver key dangling on the wall.

            “I have underestimated her.” A wicked smile spread across his thin lips and I handed him the sparkling silver key.

            His bright red eyes flickered to mine and he snatched away the key. “But you see my dear,” He lifted a thin, long boney finger and grabbed a piece of my blonde hair, twisting it around his thumb. “They have made a mistake too!”

            “And what might that be, my King?” 

            The King’s red eyes gleamed, an evil excitement danced across his thin pale face. “They have underestimated me!” He let out a vicious laugh and stuck the key into the stone box keyhole. There was a slight clickas the lock unhinged and the King slowly withdrew the silver from the box.

            “If we cannot kill Faye Johnson,” His evil eyes returned to what lay before him. “Then we must useher.”

            He lifted the lid of the box and instantly my eyes were drawn to the weapon inside.

            “What about her friend?” I asked. The King cast his horrifying red glare down upon me.

            “Her friend?” He sneered.

            I bowed my head, apologizing for speaking out of turn. “Excuse me, my King. I just know, Jack, is it? He’s been infected.”

            The King’s wicked glare turned into an evil amusement. “That’s right, he has!” 

            “Should we initiate him?” I dared to ask.

            The King turned away from me and placed a thin, pale hand on the weapon lying on the red velvet thrush of the stone box. 

            “Yes,” He slithered. “Corrupt his Soul. Destroy him from the inside out.”

            The King whipped around to face me, a red glow of excitement flickered in his eyes.

            “Give me your hand!”


            Immediately he snatched my hand from my side. His bone thin fingers unveiled my palm. 

            “Take this,” He sinisterly commanded and placed the weapon in my hand. “It is time you reveal yourself to this world!” The King squeezed my hand shut, making me firmly grasp the dagger.

            “It is time, my dear, that you succeed where Gabriel has failed.” His ghostly voice crept inside of my mind.

            As I stared at the bone white dagger in my hands, my eyes traveled up the blade to its sparkling silver tip. 

I had seen this dagger before. 

I had feltits power before. 

A wicked smile formed across my lips and for the first time in thousands of years, I felt something inside of me spark to life:


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